Cancer Care

As per American Cancer Soceity (ACS) report, 1 in 4 men and 1 in 3 women would be affected by cancer internationally in the future and it is projected that 20 million new cases would arise each year making cancer as the No. 1 killer around the world by 2020. Lack of awareness, non-availability of timely treatment & unaffordability have been cited as the major bottlenecks in providing quality cancer care to the patients around the world. India is no exception to this either.

Hence, in our mission to fight cancer in the society & tackle the aforesaid issues in an organized manner, we at Share Your Care coduct the following activities: –

  • • Cancer screening camps across locations in Maharashtra & UP.
  • • Cancer awareness, educations & seminars.
  • • Free & concessional treatment/surgeries to the needy.

We identify possible symptoms in patients at early stages in their lives with proper diagnosis & identified patients needing further treatment/surgeries like Chemotheray etc. are brought to the hospital for the same.

We screen appx. 10,000 people & operate around 300 patients annually in rural & tribal areas of Maharashtra & UP. Even if we achieve 10% Y-o-Y growth in our services, the backlog remians huge to be treated.

Eye Camp