Cardiac Care

Heart disease is not just an emerging problem anymore but it has already emerged as a major cause of deaths amongst people in India as well as abroad. As per recent estimates, of the 9.5 million deaths occuring globally, 1 in 6 die due to cardiovascular diseases and it is fast emerging as the largest killer in India in males as well as in females. The demanding life style, high pressure professional situations and personal commitments contribute to the increase in stress levels and as a result escalating the occurrence of heart diseases.It is however expected that by 2020, 60% of heart diseases are expected to occur in India alone.

Hence, Share Your Care in its mission to offer quality heart care services focusses on the following activites as mentioned below: –

  • • Preventive & curative cardiac care & treatment.
  • • Cardiac camps across various locations to identify heart disorders in men & women.
  • • Regular awareness campaigns & educative seminars.
  • • Free & concessional treatment to the needy on a case-to-case basis.

Patient needing further care & attention are brought to the Bhaktivedanta Hospital and necessary treatment is provided for the same.

Our newly inaugurated 'Heart Centre' is expected to perform approximately 1000 angiographies & angioplasties annually. We expect a growing need for such services considering the increase in the number of cases in cardiovascular diseases.

We are looking for committed sponsors & donors willing to support patients for heart surgeries on a regular to long term basis especially for the needy & economically backward sections of the society for the same.