Hospice and Palliative Care

The word Hospice is derived from the Latin word “Hopitium” meaning a guesthouse. Hospice & Palliative Care are interchangeably used in India. It implies providing a healping hand to the patients who are terminally ill.

Approximately 20 million globally & about 1 million in India would require palliative care treatment and the number is only expected to rise each passing year for people needing this treatment.The fast changing social scenario leading to fragmented & nuclear families has brought in the growing need for provision of profession Hospice & Palliative Care treatment.

Our mission at Share Your Care has been to understand the emotional needs during grief & trauma of the terminally ill patients who are in their final stages of their lives. These patients who are totally shattered medically, physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually, receive this care free of cost, irrespective of their religious faiths & beliefs.

We offer them: –

  • • Emotional & psychological support.

  • • Bereavement care & consolation to the family members of the deceased.

  • • Spiritual counselling which heals the body, mind & the soul.

  • • Home care & one-to-one couselling services to the individuals.

These kind of services help patients remain strong in grief of the loss of near and dear ones in their family & help them combat various psycological & emotional disorders with a positive mindset.

Our 'Department of Palliative Care' at Bhaktivedanta Hospital treats nearly 200 such patients annually for palliative care. Considering the logistics involved in reaching out to home care patients in distant locations, we plan to expand the 'Telemedicine' services rapidly in the future for the same.