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Our Vision

We shall have the organizational culture based on spirituality. We shall be leading healthcare provider of quality medical services. We shall be known for distinct community work. We shall have committed satisfied employees. We shall achieve this by innovative resourcing and funding activities.

Our Mission

With love and devotion we will offer everyone a modern, scientific, holistic health care service based on true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body, mind and soul”

Our Values

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is designed and structured to provide holistic health care for the body, mind and soul with a unique broadminded approach to Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and other alternative medical therapies. It is the endeavor of the Hospital to provide care to world standard and that too at a reasonable cost, and in deserving cases, totally free. With the aim of achieving these objectives, the Hospital is committed to establishing necessary facilities of international standards, conducting research programs in various fields of health/patient care and ensuring that the research findings are translated into improvements in patient care. The Hospital also aims at developing professional management, creating an environment conducive to team spirit, and is always ready to resolve acute and chronic health problems of patients and to promote preventive medical care in the society at large. Our ultimate objective is to see that each patient leaves this Hospital with improved physical and mental health and with the feeling that the institution exists only for the patient and that the “patient is always the most important individual here”. Every employee of a hospital is encouraged to develop him or herself and rise further in the organization. Employee’s Performance is evaluated on a number of factors such as job knowledge, competency, initiative and creativity, interpersonal? relationship and discipline and adherence to spiritual principles of the organization. Compassionate Care Integrity Humility Spirituality